Thursday, February 02, 2006

Breaking Media's Monopoly

Since I can't write in Arabic, so I'm going to post in English, unless someone kindly takes the initiative and briefly summarises in Arabic =)

I bumped into an article on Syrian bloggers, which mainly circled around people blogging about different issues, yet having one purpose: giving the outside world a picture of Syria.

In a country that is under the spotlight, especially after Hariri's death, many resort to the media to help understand or get an image of the country. As we all know, media is one of the most unreliable things in this world, after condoms. And these days, people automatically look to blogs to understand the people. After all, the 'real' people who live in the country are more reliable than the fleeting journalists, who stop by for a few hours, see a few explosions, run away to another country and decide that the country really is a hotspot for 'terrorism'.

Gone are the days when blogging meant writing personal diaries; it has gotten huge. As bloggers, we now have bigger 'responsibility' to present the real picture. Blogging is serious! But of course, censorship is the key obstacle. What should be shown and what should not...but why cover the real picture? If they have the guts to do something, then have the guts to hear people talk about it. After all, it's the decisions of so-called 'leaders' which affect the generic population. So why won't they talk.

This article talks about a few bloggers; some blog to discuss political happenings in Syria, while some blog to show the historic aspect of this country.

Moral of the story: Every human and (even) a country has many faces, don't let the media decide which one you should see. Be open-minded. We're in a world where we can no longer trust one source.


Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

kont 2skon fi souriyya wa la7azt 2nna'l souriyeen lam tomassil al 7oqouma 2badan, (wa lakin haza hoa qadiyyat koll al-3alam 2ataqed).

fil 7aqeeqah 3ndahom 2mal 2n tosaafir ila'l '3arb lidoroos 2m shu'3ul wa lakin hoa mosta7eel li 2nna youjad 7okom 2llazi yas3ab al-safar ila bilad al '3arbiyyah wa '3eiriha bishakal 3am.

wa al'aan, 3ndahom forsa likay to'abbir 3n afkaarihim fi mowqi3 blog, wa lakin 7atta fi blog youjad moraqabah.

Wa law tatakallam ma3a naas fi souriyyah fa daa'iman 3aleyka 2n to'akkid 2nna la youjad mokhabbaraat 2m mislihi, taqdir 2n tasma3o kalaamak.

Fa bi hadhihil jaww, kayfa'l wa7id yo'abbir 2n afkaarihi al haqeeqiyyah 3endama la youjad forsa haqeeqiyyah?

Dots.. said...

Very interesting.. ! Say you were in Syria.. you are X person in Syria or wherever ..! If u were to blog about a political issue where would you get your information. The problem is the main source for information regardless how reliable it is, is the Media. Therefore, bloggers would be blogging about what they read in the media.. right? so if you were not a person who could understand the tactics and the manupilating of words that is done in this field.. then.. u surely will be affected strongly.. especially in a place like Syria or Lebanon.

A very interesting moral Neglected-ism :)

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