Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rough Times

Who in our lives has not been in rough times in the past or the current present? Who even expects a bright future – regardless of hope? Perhaps no one not even you. Everyone has had their share of the bad times in a phase or two in their past of present lives? Maybe one too many to the point whereby this individual will seek attention to get the comfort they need. What we need to ask in this situation is: how did we get to where we are and why? And what are the possible solutions that are within our grasp that may help us to get our foot on the ground once again?

Problems when faced alone have different outlines and take a good punch at the soul's moral, thus pulling the person further into the vicious cycle. If the person is of strong will then they will recover quickly, easily and without a hint that there was ever such a problem. But what if the person is more vulnerable and sensitive to the environment and the people around them? What happens then? The path of sorrow will only lure the victim into a never ending well of guilt, oppression, perhaps even convince the person of taking their own life. It is these kind of people – although none would stand out and say that they are – that need the greatest of care; psychologically, that is.

The reason I write this is because I have always had this depression status distracting me from life's mild pleasures. Always showing me the downside of things that come my way. It made me see that the slight chances that I had of turning myself around had gone and passed me by because I was too busy with being depressed and counting on my gloomy days to come along and be gushed away by the winter rain that I adore. I was missing out on small chances that could have changed my life profoundly; regardless whether those were slim or thick. The fact was there was a chance. And I had missed it.

So what do I have to say to other people who see themselves in similar situations?

Well; you have to make a pledge to yourself that you're going to change once and for all. No one's going to change you but you – and that is a fact. Some people might take pity on you. But they will do it for all the wrong reasons. If you are seriously seeking attention, then I suggest that you start changing yourself by doing something unfamiliar. Anything. Just as long as it is within the legal bounds, I wouldn't want you to end up in jail or anything, now, would I?

Another thing you can do is to get a hobby. You don't have one? Then get one. Be it sports. Reading. Writing. Even doing the crosswords. Start with something to get your mind to think about something ever so different. Listen to great music. A song that makes you feel happy.

Depression and happiness are two of the same – they are both feelings that are bottled up and if we don't let them out we will blow up. There is a need for ventilation. And the fact that we feel one or the other is that we make ourselves believe in them. We portray to ourselves our lives and how we think of them effects our ways of behavior.

Ask yourself this; howcome is it that when you're happy you're ever so joyful that even if your friends are giving you a hard time, you still feel wonderful?

Here's hoping you always have a great life ahead of you..

Saturday, August 05, 2006

إماراتي في الآوت-گيمس

هناك شخص مشترك في أولومپيات آوت-گيمس، في مونتريال، من الإمارات في البولينغ. الأولومپيات تنتهي الخامس من أغسطس، أي اليوم.

هناك مشاركين أيضاً من دول عربية آخرى.