Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the controversy of poverty

While rich people sit on their bums with their pockets full of cash they never earned one bit as much as the people who floor the streets of this ever torching tempreture of an Earth, the human race gets to the fact that the promise the UN had made along with it's mutlibillion dollar 'citizens' of making poverty history is now at the point of reality.

That was all a smokescreen.

Big companies have no intention of making this world a better place than they are interested in making the big bucks for their set of revolving wheels.

It bitters me to say
That the wonders of today
Are not what they used to be
And how we expect them to be

The joy of may
The spring in summer
The laughs we always hear
Will roll away and linger

Rest they might
I will not
Will you join me?
For the mission is over - not

Monday, May 29, 2006

دراجات هوائية؟

من منكم سيبدأ باستخدام الدراجات الهوائية لمسافات قصيرة؟ بكل صراحة، بعد إعلان بدأ التسهيلات ع الشوارع في دبي لمستخدمي الدراجات، وخاصةُ أن يكون لهم سير خاص ع الشارع، يجب أن نبدأ كلنا.

حسب ما رأيته في المدينة، الدراجات تباع على سعر ما يقارب الألفي درهم لأحسن الأنواع.