Wednesday, November 01, 2006

where have all the great bloggers gone?

In the past few months I have seen so many people tend to their own blogs and leaving this one on it's own as if it never existed.

People have gone and passed by this blog as it was some sort of tumbleweed in a big desert and still nobody gave it any attention.

I am wondering - just wondering - where have all the great minds, thinkers, unofficial journalists of the world gone off to?


Samawel said...

I'm not quite sure...

Why don't we turn this into a summary blog or something. One or two bloggers go through the rest of the bloggers' blogs (that happen to be members of this team blog) and summarise what they've written on their blogs?

DG said...

If new members are still welcome, then please add my blog to your list & send me an invitation :-)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

samawel: we can always do that between posts of other members. but the point is that other members don't seem keen enough to post in other blogs. my question here is why?

dg: i believe you got your invitation by someone here.. do your stuff :P

DG said...

Sleepless in Muscat: It seems your intelligence service is not very competent, they gave you wrong information ;-)

I have not received any invitation to post here.

UAE Students said...

Sleepless...I agree. Maybe some bloggers get bored, I hope they aren't chased out...I know one blogger who received a law suit.
I just noticed that the Media Watch blog is gone. ( Any idea know what happened? It was a very opinionated page and seemed to have the inside scoop on the mismanagement at UAE media. From Labor headaches to editorial biases it covered everything. I miss it already.
I doubt it went down on its own.
Incidentally I love Muscat!

DoTs... said...

e7m e7m.. marketing !

how many know about this site? how interesting is this site to them? is the layout tempting and all.. don't tell me "may5e9a" .. its not important!! cause it is .. !

a bit of makeover.. a bit of marekting this place and taraa.. !

people are always wanting to read a good article.. good analysis and all..

btw.. bima ineh this is the arabic version of the community blog.. isnt it supposed to have "arabic" articles.. ? why would it be different than the community blog ! in what sense ya3ni?

: )

BuJ said...

samawel i think you got a good idea... i think it's a great idea to have this blog but the blog didn't kick off.. initially i wanted to have more emirati bloggers but we seem to have attracted very few.. maybe i'm to blame.. i just find it quicker to write in english, hehe.

i always thought most emirati bloggers stayed well away from uaecommunity for various reasons so this perhaps would be a way forward to offer a more inclusive forum.

dg i've invited you. ahlan wa sahlan. i look forward to reading some good stuff :)

dots.. as for where are all the voices gone.. aaah.. ana mub metfayeg adawer naas eyoon 3ala mudawinati a9lan gabl ma ayeebhm hnee..

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