Monday, January 30, 2006

Moralic Issues

Unfortunately, my browser does not support Arabic language. But I won't leave that as an obstacle to stop my path in participating in this blog even though all of it is in Arabic. Perhaps the others can help me afterwards in making 'tables turn' for me.

For now, this will have to do.

There is a deep need to think about solutions for the world that we are slowly detoriating it's moral habits through our children and the generations to come afterwards. How is it that they got to be so much worse when we predicted that we would all have a better future altogether when the contrary is what's happening?

Morality is now thrown out of the window. Blasphemous is now welcomed with open arms. And the main drive is lust and not love. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Whatever will we do?


BuJ said...

Salam Ali Mehdi!
Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Interesting topic you have, but you might want to ask since when was the world ruled by morality? Since ancient times (you can read any history book, or the Koran) the peoples of the world have been driven by lust and war and power... very rarely by love.. and eventually this leads to their destruction.

Where do we go from here?

Sleepless In Muscat said...

thanks Buj!

while you are right about what you speak, it is nonetheless disconcerting that we should the find the youth of this generation much more in music videos and reality shows than global issues that would affect their own future...

wouldn't you think?

BuJ said...

Don't waste time trying to talk about the lost youth! Afterall don't we say in arabic "saye3 daye3"? excuse the vulgarity but that's usually said about youth who are lost!

let time mature them and let them realise things for themselves. However we have a responsibility to give them the tools to realise things :)

CG said...

My browser supports Arabic but my Arabic is quite sucky..
it also supports Chinese ...I am a sad case.

I would like to write a bit on morality, I just do not know where to start. Times have changed. In this fast and furious life we live in we have compromised more than we should have. In turn we have lost more.

This is not coming out as I meant it to. I better go and think a bit.

Neglected-ism said...

Salam Ali,

I see where your train of thought if coming from. But this is an issue that is long forgotten. Like BuJ mentioned, the world has always been about lust and war.

What is the reason that you expect the future generation to be better? Did the parents invest anything special for the youth to improve? Instead, we all kept adapting to the changes that we saw. Soon it was and is all about moving with the times but trying to preserve onself.

In this madness of rushing through life, the i-want-to-change-the-world feelings are not quite realistic anymore. Just pull the blanket tighter on yourself and don't let your body die of the cold. The race is only about saving you and your generations. That's your contribution, really.

azucenamaryam said...

Don't give up on the youth. It is their right to be trained and taught well. Otherwise they will be duped and bambozzled by all of the craziness that is here.

You can't catch all of the fish in the sea, but you can still catch enough to make sure that your family survives and thrives.

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Anonymous said...

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