Sunday, June 18, 2006

technical issues

This blog has been down the last couple of days and I have just been told about it via e-mail. If you have any problems viewing this blog please drop me an e-mail. I think the problem was due to someone trying to publish something or make changes to the template without re-publishing. Always please hit the replubish button so that changes are saved! Thanks.


GMJ said...

thanks! i thought it was only me :/

Sleepless In Muscat said...

welcome back!

now I can retract that post from off my blog!



Anonymous said...

if we have problems viewing this blog how are we suppose to see this message! what to say some ppl are monkeys

GMJ said...

anonymous, please think before you talk otherwise you come out like the monkey.

duh the problem is obviously solved. last week we couldnt see the blog, unless you clicked on "search this blog" and then it would list you some posts. some of us emailed BuJ about it, and he fixed it with sam and made an announcement about the whole incident.

go get yourself a brain please.

سامع وجيب قلوب النخيل said...

It is ok

I am reading it well

BuJ said...

gmj.. glad it's back on.. i might stop anon comments.. but it's just one guy and i wanna keep the forum as open as possible.

ya sami7 wajeeb guloob el na5eel.. hala feek.. hala + mar7aba... :)

Anonymous said...

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