Friday, February 10, 2006

و بعد آن تهدء العاصفة

DoTs, you're amazing, you just saved me posting the new cabinet, so here's my contribution:

قرر الرئيس الإيراني إرجاع الجزر الإماراتية الثلاث الى الإمارات بعد إختيار القرقاوي و قرقاش و حنيف في الحكومة الإماراتة الجديدة و ذلك لإظهالر حسن النية


MJ said...

yeah, I also heard that the Iranian presidents sent his congratulations to the new cabinet and ended his letter with:

"الظفر ما يطلع من اللحم"

MJ said...

oh sorry, it's "الذفر"

BuJ said...

lol i heard that one as well but it was a bit difficult to explain on a blog :)

al zifer ma yitle3 min el la7em (3eemi accent)

Garmooosha said...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
الصراحه هذا البوست فيه من التجريح الشي الكثير

كنت سأكتب عنه في مدونتي قبل إسبوع إلا أني تراجعت عن الكتابه في هالموضوع
فأنا ضد هذه النظره

كنت في نقاش حاد مع الكثير من المواطنين ذوي الأصول العربيه
هم يقولون نفس الكلام وساهموا في نشر هالمسج الغبي
وعلى الرغم من أصولي العربيه، إلا أنني أبد لا أشك في ولاء الأشخاص المذكورة أسماءهم
هم أبناء هذا الوطن
بس ملينا عرب وعيم
هم وزراء ماقلنا بنناسبهم
وخبرتهم تكفي لوصولهم سلم المجد
وينهم ذوي الأًصول العربيه عشان نيلسهم مكانهم
خمس وثلاثين سنه ولا واحد من الوزراء وصل بوزارتة إلا أفق رحب، كلهم من نازل لأنزل
فخلونا نشوف العيم شو بيسوون وعقب تعالوا ارمسوا ياعيال العرب

(السموحه إشتطيت بس لأنه لو نتم بهالنظره راح تصير أزمه طائفيه كبيره ولا تنسون إنه نحن الأقلية )

BuJ said...

ahlan wa sahlan ya Garmoosha... ahlan wa sahlan :)

atmanna an la ykoon fe tajree7 bas kan 3indi fikra thanya lamma katabt el maqal.

i think i will continue commenting in english since my lack of arabic keyboard is hurting my freedom of expression, hope you don't mind.

i don't think that my post was hurting and i didn't mean it to be like that. i am just happy and proud that our country is finally employing people based on their skills not surname or origin.

honestly the UAE in the 1980s sucked because of this distinction between "us" and "them".. you're either muwa6en or wafed.. so negative! but now the country has matured a bit and thinks in term of the individual not the origin or where this person's grandfather was born!

i don't think the uae will have racial problems at all, it's because thankfully we have wise leadership, even though we're a minority :)

welcome here and i hope we'll see u as a contributor soon (i still need an e-mail address).

if u think it's too much i'll edit the post.

UaE MaX said...

its not new to have a Minster with 3emi origins !, and 3yam r not iranians !

thats why people in this part of the world r not ready for freedom of speech ! they think freedom of speech is to be able to insult and humiliate any person you like !

3yam have always lived in this country and they have always been mwa6neen !

u need to work on ur lack of knowledge, maybe because you r new to the country.

BuJ said...

for an ostrich you have a short neck..

this was meant as a joke.. not because this is the first time a 3eemi joined the government (i don't know the exact numbers and origins of all ministers, but with this being only the 6th re-shuffle it won't be difficult to find out).. but it's the first time they joined en mass.

jokes are meant to be funny, just because you are a bit sensitive about it doesn't mean it's not.

also for your info, 3iyam are not the same as arabs. however today's 3iyam are different from today's iranians.

UaE MaX said...

it wasnt just me who didnt find it funny !, obviously there is something wrong with ur sense of humour.

who said 3yam r the same as arabs?
even 3rabs r not always the same
even ur brothers r not always the same ! Duuuh !

BuJ said...

i suggest you address others with a tone of respect especially if you disagree with them.

first you tell me to work on my lack of knowledge then you decide that my sense of humour is wrong.

UaE MaX said...

you didnt consider respect before deciding to post your offensive post.

BuJ said...

well.. two wrongs don't make a right.

however if you feel you can contribute positively (and I think you can) then please join our blog.

Drop me your e-mail and I'll sort out the paperwork.

Anonymous said...

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