Saturday, February 25, 2006


Some think that the right thing to do these days is to always follow the crowd. At often that is the right answer, but more often it is good to stay rebelious to show the truth behind one's decision.

Westerners need to understand that when they come into our countries (respective of which nation it is) they should respect the society just as much as we do when we are in their country. This goes for wearing skimpy clothing, sleeveless t-shirts, and many outrageous fashions of clothing that, in their opinion, is the 'in' style.

Or should we retaliate in the same way?

Where does one hold the line for respecting one another?


Dots.. said...

If we had the rules that state the limits and how to respect our culture .. things would have been different.. but what would u expect if there are no rules that say wearing such or doing such is against the country's culture and beliefs.. !

"we are a free country" !!! they claim !

Sleepless In Muscat said...

'free country' - my @#$..

they ask us to respect them when we are in their country should we not expect the same from them when come into ours?

MJ said...

They ALWAYS strike back with the "This is a free country!"

So if I go to a Japanese home and I know that it's not polite to go in with my shoes, I take off my shoes or not? (props to Biz for this example. :P)

If free country means they can do whatever they want without any respect to the culture and religion here, then NO THIS IS NOT A FREE COUNTRY! AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT GO BACK TO WHEREVER IT'S THAT YOU COME FROM!

Sometimes I think that the government gave them the idea because if we are having a WINE FAIR, then why can't they wear whatever they want?

I have a question, is this blog supposed to be in Arabic?

Sleepless In Muscat said...

MJ: I fully agree with you on your statement about the wine fair and the dress code that they follow at such functions..

but we have to tackle the root of the problem. And that would be by going through the proper authorities because they are the people behind the legislations that allow such folks in the first place to do such things ...right?

as for your question about this blog; yes, it's supposed to be in Arabic but there are a few bloggers - including me - that don't have this blog's settings in the Arabic language. Therefore, I blog in my keyboard's default language - English.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

"Go back to whatever country u came from", is what I hear living in the west when trying to defend the right to wear a hijab and get work and not be discriminated because teh attire goes against the "western" uniform...or to be allowed a place to pray at work.

Indeed respect for local custom is important but let us be wise and careful in what sort of rhetoric and expressions we choose lest we should portray ourselves as in posession of a double standard.

Arabized said...


sorry to seem rude, but you don't live in the UAE, and you don't see how the ajaneb 'westerners' treat muslim women here. They come here and make us feel like aliens in our own countries. They look down at the mutahajebeen as if we shouldn't even be here or we have a backwards mindset. We look like the minority when we are in DUBAI. When they attack the way we dress, they are attacking our beliefs, excuse me, but UH.. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO ATTACK US FOR THE WAY WE DRESS, BECAUSE THIS IS THE ATTIRE OF A HUMBLE MODEST INDIVIDUAL.
We respect them until they disprect us.We respect their cultural and religious beliefs in the UAE. They are free to practice their religion without anyone harassing them or asking them why.

But to have the audacity to not respect our culture and religion in a country which has provided them with a good living, good schooling for their children, good housing, and safety is unacceptable. Walking around partially covered is not a part of any religious affiliation.

oh and they think its a joke when we tell them to please respect our culture and religion.

Stop smiling, its not a joke, please just go!

Harsha said...

sha'ira has a point, if you keep protesting about them respecting your culture here, they arent going to tolerate women in hijab and taking prayer breaks at work in the west. Also, with all the kind of clothing available in Dubai itself all around, infact in majority, how would they see a point in not wearing those very same clothes available in the country u dont want them to wear.

If you set laws for not letting them wear outfits of their choice and liking, no more expats here, economy goes down, all the malls will close down - cuz they are the ones holding all the international brands/outlets, huge massive designer stores and the govt takes pride and welcoming more.

Ali, Dubai takes pride in being a tourist and highly populated expatriate city with an enourmous multicultural market.

Arabized said...

its not about setting laws on dress, the people here wont go to those extremes, its just wear decent clothing for heavens sake.

Please stop going out in public wearing see through clothing. I mean have the deceny of wearing undergarments at least.

BuJ said...

biz , shaira was talking about a totally different point to yours :)

to whoever thinks they can make a joke out of a country's traditions i tell them: when in rome, do as the romans do.

i think no ajnabi will argue for too long if told to respect a country's traditions, but the onus is on us to present our culture in a positive way rather than just throwing the book at their face.

i know a lot of mo7ajab women in the emirates and i don't believe any of them complain of discrimination by ajaneb.. well it actually depends where u are.. i guess if u were minding your bizness and shopping or driving no one will look twice at you, but say u were to go to a hotel's pool with hijab then that's something else...

i don't think it's as bad as u guys think. but then again i'm a guy that does not wear hijab.

UaE MaX said...

well to be honest with i see more moroccans, lebnaese and girls from other parts of middle east dress more revealing clothes than i see europians ! i feel europians respect the culture more than some arabs who think they know the country better and know whats right and whats wrong !

in one the hospitals in UAE i heard a lebnaese nurse making fun of the local traditions to a europian doctor ! which was all false ! (just for the sake of showing we are better than these rich idiots!)

i've seen arabs in UK dress the way they want and no one says anything 2 them ! ive seen muslims praying in the hydepark and no one says a single bad word to them !

you know, this is the problem, some of so called arabs and muslims misuse the freedom they get else where and create the bad reputation for the rest of us !

so my point is its rude to treat ppl like that," if u dont like it just leave "! UAE has always been a country which simples kindness and generosity to alot of nations. so lets keep it this way, and when we learn how to respect our traditions and culture then others will respect it too ! ( not say all non muslims should leave the country then you go out with girls and commit sins ! this is ridicules) you cant just be muslim when you want ! you either be a good muslim all the time or for god sake stop speaking in the name of islam

MJ said...

I don't think I explained myself well.

I'm not saying they should leave, but if you really don't like it hear and keep complaining about it, then why are you here? Won't you be happier back in your country or some other country?

I went to school with non locals my whole life, Arabs mostly, and we would be talking about something and they would start going on and on about how education is not good here, and transport and the weather and how they don't like local people because they are so proud and water, etc.

I honestly couldn't understand why are they going on and on about it all, if you hate it that much, then honestly, just go back to your country. I wish I can go back and give them a piece of my mind now because I never said anything before.

When I mentioned people who wear indecent clothing and said they should respect the culture or go back to their country, I was not talking about 'Ajaneb', I was talking about 'cheap women' in Dubai, and they are not American or from West Europe most of the time.

BuJ said...

" how they don't like local people because they are so proud and water, etc."

what does water have to do with it ya MJ?


MJ said...

They always say that water is not good enough for them here! I swear they used to say that! I remember once when I had a fight with a teacher because she kept saying that water in Syria in better because they drink it there but they don't drink water here.

It's not because of that stupid, i's because you can afford bottled water in the UAE.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

water in syria is gooooood :)

Well Biz I have never been to the UAE indeed you are correct.

But one has to be just and fair. And if one wishes to have the same rights given to one, then one must be willing to give them to others as well.

Many will argue that wearing a black hijab and black abaya is not islamic...nor required. Others will argue it is. The bottom line is, in the west mostly they don't care either way, you wear what you wanna wear. That does not mean of course that discrimination doesn't exist. But the law is still on our side (unless you live in France), and non muslims are fighting for our rights to be given e.g. swimming training in school for muslim girls who don't wanna swim with guys. They are not required to do so but they do.

Why let skimpily dressed people get to you? Surely our religion has room for more than looking at what people wear. Surely it is larger than a dress? Why spend your time angry and annoyed over things that don't matter at the end of the day.

The Prophet pbuh, never had time to look at others shortcomings, because he was too busy trying to do good and be productive.

We all tend to get caught up... I understand how you feel biz and MJ but we need your energy for more important things! :)

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