Friday, February 10, 2006


Following the controversial story about what went on between me and Kazablanka, I have decided to stay off the blogs until I make a decision on whether to come back or not.

For those who have had opinions that clashed with mine in the last ..err..2 or 3 days....hope this is what you wanted.

And for those who don't opt for this option...all I can say is...what can I say?

Sorry all


BuJ said...

Having a different opinion is not a good reason for hiding. The exchange of ideas should foster understanding and not raise barriers.

Come back

Sleepless In Muscat said...

buj: thank you..

inshallah i will try to be more understand towards other's opinions.. and inshallah that will not become a barrier between me and my blogging.

thanks again


BuJ said...


ahlan wa sahlan.. i have to admit i know very little about your reasons to leave blogging and your disagreements.. but i hope to read more of your posts soon.. :)

welcome back

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